Extended Care

Extended Care division provides clients with skilled nursing facilities, long-term and short-term care facilities, home health agencies,

rehabilitation centers, personal care homes, and  assisted living facilities. We offer on-site and off-site care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




We can reduce costs associated with:shutterstock_159822827

  • Transports– Providing physicians and specialists so that your residents do not have to travel as often, if at all. We greatly reduce or eliminate the need for additional staffing for patient transport, so that your staff can focus their time and attention on patient care.



  • ER Visits-Reduce the number of ER visits improving patient quality of life as well as avoiding penalties from Medicare due to high patient readmissions


  • Delay of Care– Waiting to see a PCP or specialist can have significant consequences; minor ailments can become major illnesses when not treated promptly. With CTS, appointments can happen within minutes instead of days or months.
We can provide:
  • Acute and Chronic diseases care
  • Mental Health programs and providers
  • Specialists from around the world
  • X-ray and laboratory services
  • Pharmacy needs
  • HIV / AIDS care
  • Substance abuse and Addiction medicine


Because Extended Care is a little broad, if you are wondering if your facility would fall under this division, please Contact Us so that we can begin a conversation.