About Us


Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaWe offer collaborative and innovated partnerships to ensure quality health care at a cost efficient price. Telemedicine is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies, such as video conferencing, to support long distant clinical care and health administration on or off-site. This is more commonly known as a Virtual Visit.  Telemedicine has been around for decades and has evolved to meet the needs of patient healthcare.


We offer quality healthcare for Correctional facilities, Extended Care, and Student Health.


We are able to offer a comprehensive collaboration for:

Corrections facilities

Nursing home facilities

Home health agencies

                                        Primary & Secondary Educational institutions

We provide on-site and off-site patient care. Quality healthcare is not confined to the walls of a hospital or even a doctor’s office. We use technology to improve and enrich our lives daily; so why not with healthcare? Studies show 19% cost savings for acute outpatient vs. inpatient care. We help meet your facility’s needs through partnership while improving patient care, reducing cost margins, and implementing cost effective healthcare management systems.

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